15 Places to Find Doberman Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst - Doberman Planet (2023)

15 Places to Find Doberman Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst - Doberman Planet (1)

If you are serious about getting a Doberman puppy, you’ve probably noticed that it can be difficult to find a quality breeder. Unfortunately, reputable breeders of Doberman Pinschers are becoming more difficult to find.

Over the years, I’ve found some very good (and some not so good) online resources where people looking to buy a Doberman puppy can go to see what puppies are available. I’m always adding to this list as I discover new sources for Doberman puppies and work hard to keep the information on this list up to date.

Where to Find Doberman Pinscher Puppies for Sale

It’s important to get your dog from a reputable breeder to ensure they will live a long, healthy life without costly health complications. These resources are just a starting point to get you in contact with breeders. It’s up to you to make sure the breeders you contact are reputable.

You may come across listings for Backyard breeders and puppy mills during your search, these are poor sources for a Doberman. Backyard breeders (BYB) are people who breed their dogs on the side and sell their puppies to anyone who will buy them. They generally don’t perform health screenings and are not concerned with ethical breeding practices. Puppy mills mass-produce puppies in generally very poor conditions and they’re considered the worst place to get a puppy from.

Reputable breeders, on the other hand, will health screen their dogs, practice ethical breeding, perform all necessary early life veterinary care of their puppies, ensure their dogs are going to good homes and will provide kennel club certification papers with their dogs. They will cost a little more from a reputable breeder, but it’s worth it.

For more information on how much you can expect to pay and how to spot a reputable breeder, see my post on the costs of buying a Doberman puppy.

Doberman Buyer’s Guide: If you want an in-depth guide that will help you choose what variety, sex, age, and lineage of Doberman would be best for your specific situation, see my article all about picking the best type of Doberman for you.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

The American Kennel Club is one of the must trusted kennel clubs around. They have their own marketplace where breeders can list their puppies for sale. This is one of the lowest risk marketplaces to find a breeder of Doberman puppies.

The marketplace has a slew of search options, plenty of pictures posted by the breeders, and they will also prominently indicate if the puppies being offered are from a championship bloodline.

Breeders want to stay in good standing with the AKC so they can continue to list on their marketplace. The AKC performs systematic inspections of their dogs and kennels. Breeders also earn badges based on their involvement with the breed, years participating in AKC canine sports, titles their dogs have won, consistent health screening of their puppies, and when they’ve attended certain AKC education courses and seminars. They will also tell you if the breeder you have chosen is a registered member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) and what competitions they participate in (obedience, agility, conformation).

Any prospective buyer of a puppy from a breeder listed on the AKC marketplace can also call the AKC and confirm that the breeder is still in good standing with their organization. You can contact AKC Customer Service at 919-233-9767.

Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) Breeder Directory

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) is another great place to find Doberman puppies for sale in the U.S., Canada, and other countries. They’re a member of the AKC and the only national Doberman specific club that is sanctioned by the AKC. Their breeder referral section is a great place to find reputable Doberman breeders.

They have a very simple listing of breeders with limited search functions. There is a text search option where you can enter your state or country so it will show you results just from that area. There are no pictures or descriptions of the litters available on their directory. It’s merely a directory of a contact information for these breeders. However, most breeders will have a link listed to their website where you can go to see pictures and specific information on the dogs they have available. One section in this directory to pay attention to is how long they’ve been a member of DPCA. This will be an indication of their dedication to the Doberman breed.

In order to be considered to be included in the DPCA breeder listings, breeders must be a current member of the DPCA and in good standing with both DPCA and the AKC. They also must have been a member for at least five years. This is one of the main reasons this list is considered to be low risk.

United Doberman Club (UDC) Breeder Directory

This directory contains mostly European Dobermans. If you don’t know the difference, take a look at my article about the differences between European and American Dobermans here.

These dogs are generally working dogs, meaning they tend to be high-drive dogs that are great for things like protection work, search and rescue, agility competitions, etc. However, there are certainly some breeders here who also value breeding a good family dog, so it’s worth a look.

This website has very limited search functions, it’s basically just a list of breeder names with their contact information. But the breeders listed here will generally be pretty heavily involved in the breed and you’re very likely to find reputable breeders here. If you want a European Doberman, I’d start here.

Doberman Diversity Project Participating Breeder Directory

  • Link: (Discontinued)
  • Risk Level:Low
  • Search Options:None

UPDATE (June 2022): The Doberman Diversity Project has discontinued its “Participating Breeder Directory”. You may consider emailing the Doberman Diversity Project and asking for a referral to a good breeder who has the health and behavior of their dogs as their top priority.

The Doberman Diversity Project is a non-profit organization who’s dedicated to improving the health of the Doberman breed. They run health studies and many other programs geared specifically towards the betterment of the breed.

They maintain a list of breeders who have participated in some of their past projects. The great thing about this list is that since these breeders have worked with the Doberman Diversity Project in the past, you can bet that they care very heavily about the health of their dogs.

If you’re looking for a breeder whose top concern is the health of their Dobermans, then you’ll definitely want to check here.

Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot is an online service that lists individual puppies for sale on their website instead of just individual breeders. They also have a bigger hand in making sure that only quality breeders work through their service than many online sources for puppies.

Surprisingly, they don’t have an option to search by distance but it seems that most of their puppies are shipped to their new owners. Each listing will have pictures of the individual dog as well as some basic information about the pup’s parents. They even have some listings with videos available of the puppies.

While Puppy Spot is not officially sanctioned by the AKC, any puppy bought through their service will come with an AKC registration packet. This website takes many extra steps to help ensure their puppies come from responsible breeders. They have a “no puppy mill promise” for the breeders listed on their site. They also have their own in-depth health examination that is required of every puppy shortly before it goes to their new home. The puppies also must be up to date on de-worming and vaccinations. They expect new owners to go get the dog checked again within two days of the puppy’s arrival by their own veterinarian to confirm the test, and to also qualify for their health guarantee.

Puppy Spot claims to carefully screen each breeder who lists on their site and will investigate as appropriate if any issues arise after they list with the site. They may remove the breeder if they find any violations of their standards. They claim that less than 10 percent of the breeders who apply to list their dogs on their site are accepted due to their stringent standards.

Next Day Pets

Next Day Pets is basically an online classifiedlisting specifically for puppies. It can be high risk since you are more likely to find backyard breeders listing their dogs for sale here. They do seem to have a good number of Doberman Pinscher puppies to choose from. However, there are a few breeders I recognize on the service so I know there are some reputable ones there as well. Definitely make sure to do your research on any breeder you contact through this site.

The listings on Next Day Pets will indicate if the puppy has a champion bloodline, if shipping is available, and other basic information. They also offer email alerts for when new puppies are listed that match your criteria.

Listing on the site is free, although some upgraded plans are available. This means you need to be extra careful about making sure you are contacting a reputable breeder through the service.

Puppy Find

Puppy Find seems to have a large number of Doberman Pinscher puppies listed on their site so there are definitely plenty of options. But it is another online classifieds type site specifically for puppies so it’s definitely considered high risk. If you contact a breeder through this site, please make sure to be extra careful in your efforts to ensure they are reputable and not a backyard breeder or a puppy mill. It is likely that there are many such breeders on this site.

The search functions on Puppy Find are fairly limited especially when considering their large number of listings. You’re able to show search results from a specific state and order those results by the puppy’s gender, birthda, if a photo is included in the listing, and a few other options.

This website is free for anyone to list their litter on and does not do any quality checks or guarantees. Each listing will have a section about the breeder which is provided by the breeder themselves (and not checked for accuracy). It will, however, show how long they have been a member of the site which is somewhat helpful.


Craigslist is probably the most well-known website for listing everything for sale you can imagine. Finding a Doberman Puppy on Craigslist is extremely risky since you almost always find backyard breeders listing their dogs for sale there. You have to be extremely careful. The only advantage I can see about using a service like Craigslist to find a Doberman is you can usually find many options within driving distance which means you can go see the puppies and you’ll have an easier time picking one based on their individual personality and how they interact with you.

Craigslist no longer has a section for pets under their “for sale” section. To find Doberman puppies for sale, you’ll have to look under the pets section of their “community” area and search for “Doberman” in the search box. If you click the link above it’ll take you straight there. Besides a text-based search of the listings, you can also filter by distance and whether or not they have an image for their listing.

Hoobly Classifieds

Since Craiglist discontinued its pets section under the “for sale” category, Hoobly has taken its place for those who want to list their litters for sale on a basic online classifieds service. Like any classifieds listing service, it’s considered high risk since there are absolutely zero checks done on the breeders or their litters prior to listing.

There is the occasional reputable breeder who will list on these services, however, so just make sure you do your due diligence to ensure that they breed responsibly, including health tests and that they are involved in the Doberman breed in other ways as well.

Sources for Rescue or Shelter Dobermans for Adoption

Adopting a Doberman from a shelter or rescue is a great way to find a new member of your family. Unfortunately, you never know exactly what you’re going to get, that is why each source listed under this category is considered as high risk. Also, many mixed breeds will be listed as a Doberman Pinscher so be aware that you may not always be getting a purebred.


Adopt A Pet is a place where rescues and shelters will list their dogs as available for adoption. This is a good place to go if you are looking for an older Doberman who needs a home. Like any other adoption or rescue, you are doing a good deed by giving a needy dog a home but you really don’t know what you’re getting. There are a lot of mixed breeds listed as Doberman Pinschers so if you want a purebred, you need to be careful.

They have basic search functions and photos of individual dogs available. Their listings including information about the dogs color, if it’s house trained, if it’s good with other dogs or kids, whether it’s spayed or neutered, if the dog is up to date on their shots, and what the adoption fee is. The listing will also indicate which rescue or shelter has the dog, and what the basic process is for adoption. You can also set up e-mail alerts so you’ll be alerted when a new dog is listed matching your criteria.

If you are interested in finding out what’s involved in the adoption process from a rescue or shelter, there’s a good breakdown on what you can expect on their site here.

Pet Finder

Pet Finder is another resource for finding an adoptable Dobie from a rescue or shelter. They seem to have a lot of Doberman (or Doberman mixes) listed on their site. This is a great resource for an older Doberman but just like with any time you adopt a dog, you don’t exactly know what you are going to get, but you are doing a good deed! Many mixed breeds will be listed as a Doberman here as well.

There are a ton of search and filter options on this site and they also offer e-mail alerts so you can be notified when a new dog is listed that matches your search criteria. Their listings are pretty basic and include contact information for the specific shelter or rescue that currently has the dog.

Other Sources for Dobermans

  • Local Classifieds: These are very risky since this is one of the go-to places for Backyard breeders to list their dogs for sale. It will be completely up to you to do your research on anyone you contact through the classifieds in your local paper.
  • Pet Stores: Pet stores will often offer Doberman puppies for sale but unfortunately you just don’t know where they’re coming from. Not all pet stores are the same though so talk with your store and see how knowledgeable they seem about the dogs they have for sale and where they come from. See if you can get contact information for the breeder. If they won’t give you that information, that’s a red flag.
  • Community Bulletin Boards: Just like with finding your Doberman puppy on a classified listing, this is a high-risk source. It might be convenient since the puppies are usually local, but don’t be afraid to drive a little further and get a puppy from a reputable source.
  • Word of Mouth: This can actually be a really good method for finding a reputable breeder if you talk to the right people. Get involved in a local Doberman Pinscher club and speak with their members. A lot of them will have great recommendations on quality breeders, just be sure to do your checking on any breeders that are recommended to you. To find local Doberman Pinscher clubs near you, you can check The Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) Chapter Clubs listing (click on the “Find a Chapter Club” tab). Or for another listing of Doberman clubs by state, take a look at PetsWelcome.com Directory of Doberman Pinscher Clubs in the U.S.

Picking a Specific Puppy

Now that you’ve found a great source for your new family member, you’ll need to pick a specific puppy from the litter. Not all puppies in a given litter are the same, in fact, far from it. Each puppy has it’s own personality and will have its own temperament as an adult.

To help make sure you pick a puppy who will have a great, calm, family-oriented temperament as an adult, I wrote a guide called How to Choose the Best Doberman Puppy from a Litter. Take a quick read over it so you’ll at least know the key points to look for. There’s also a free printable puppy scoring sheet you can take with you which will help enormously with your decision.

TIP: Before you bring home a new puppy, there are more than a few items you’re going to need. To see my comprehensive list of all the items you’re going to need to buy before bringing home a new Dobie puppy, see my New Doberman Puppy Shopping List here. You’re going to need to know how much these things cost!

Related Questions

How much does it cost to adopt a Doberman? Adopting a Doberman Pinscher will cost anywhere between $50 to $300 in adoption fees, depending on the requirements of the specific shelter or rescue.

Where is the best place to buy a Doberman Puppy? The best place to buy a Doberman Puppy is through a reputable breeder who holds themselves and their dogs to the highest of standards. Many of these breeders can be found through the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA).


The risk level assessments listed on this page are based entirely on the author’s opinion. Many reputable breeders will list puppies for sale in online outlets listed here as “high risk” or even “very high risk.” Conversely, non-reputable breeders may also be found in the resources listed here as “low risk”. It is important that you do your research before deciding to work with any specific breeder. Neither Doberman Planet nor the author makes any guarantees or warranties about any of the information or resources presented here. The information presented here is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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